only, always, forever food

► Hoya’s sharp tongue

zico: *disgusting aegyo*

mama woo: *hangs up*

shinee’s 56th year rewind  no, thank you

❝the glass bottle that shatters into pieces with a loud noise, is that how we are?

and now, it’s as if we’re needles on a clock that reads 12:30

UNIQ - Falling in Love


[MAGAZINE] IKON Bobby – Nylon Magazine November Issue ‘14 2048x1423

 { To that one responsible kid who inspires me day by day, who lifts me up when pressure and fear are too much to handle; to that one person who never stops on pursuing his dreams, to that one pabo, who kills me whenever he held his pain. Thank you for existing! Happy 18th Birthday Kim Hanbin! I wish you all the best. }