Although I’m not a fan of Ladies’ Code, this tragic event is really painful to hear about and I’m pretty sure this will leave shockwaves throughout the K-Pop community. Please, I’m asking you to pray for those who knew her and involved in the accident to stay strong through this struggle.
Rest in peace, EunB. You’re no longer in any pain.

Seungri’s version of ‘Touch My Body’ (Sistar) → nailed it.

Seunghoon is so aslçfkalskfçaslgãsfçãs (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Jinwoo’s reaction to ranking 1st place on charts


the maknae casually ruining your life

mix13:  a ygfamily rappers mix [listen]



if orange caramel were walking down the street and there was a puddle i would lay down face first in that puddle and let them walk across me 

Jinwoo eating and looking precious.
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